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We are publishers specialised in travel photobooks. Our books work as cultural amenities in very special hotels that look to stand out and care for their guests.

New York by Elvira Lindo


Caravanbook blog. We enjoy sharing content about travel, photography and books. Our photobooks work as original cultural amenities for boutique hotels, special B&B and other tourism business. We help our clients to stand out and care for their guests. 

New York by Elvira Lindo



No hay esquina en la ciudad salvaje que no sea fotogénica. Lo ruinoso y lo excelso a sólo cincuenta metros de distancia. Los muy ricos y los pobres sin futuro cruzándose en la calle. Ese contraste excita la mirada fotográfica y una quisiera volver a casa cargada de imágenes y no tener que añadir nada al mostrarlas. Si ves una rayuela en Harlem donde una niña ha escrito con tiza, BOYS ARE SO DUMB, la sola imagen está contando toda una historia, tan fascinante como tú la quieras ver.

Elvira Lindo 


There is not one single unphotogenic corner in the wild city. The ruinous and the sublime stand just 50 meters away from each other. The very wealthy and the futureless poor cross paths on the street. This contrast stimulates the photographic look in a way that makes one want to bring back home loads of pictures, not having to add anything when showing them. If you spot a hopscotch somewhere in Harlem, with BOYS ARE SO DUMB written in chalk by a little girl, that sheer image is telling a whole story: one as fascinating as you want it to be.

Elvira Lindo (translation by Itziar Yagüe)