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Calle del Doctor Isla, 12
Pinto, Comunidad de Madrid, 28320

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We are publishers specialised in travel photobooks. Our books work as cultural amenities in very special hotels that look to stand out and care for their guests.

BCN Photem. After Rauschenberg


Caravanbook blog. We enjoy sharing content about travel, photography and books. Our photobooks work as original cultural amenities for boutique hotels, special B&B and other tourism business. We help our clients to stand out and care for their guests. 

BCN Photem. After Rauschenberg


Hablar de ciudad es hablar de estratos, de superposición de capas, de acumulación de espacios, sonidos y movimientos. Condensación de elementos. Barcelona, una de las ciudades más conocidas y reconocidas del mundo, se convierte aquí en esencia, en materia prima de estos photems que pretenden buscar una clave, construir el escenario de representación simbólica de esa otra ciudad que el viajero sólo ha llegado a entrever.

Juan Santos

Video del fotolibro BCN Photem. After Rauschenberg creado por el colectivo Nophoto.

When we talk about cities, we are also talking about strata, layering, build-up of spaces, sounds and movements. Distillation of elements. Barcelona, one of the most known and recognized world cities, here becomes the essence, the raw material of these photems seeking to find a key, building the stage of symbolic representation of that other city which the traveler has come to glimpse.

Juan Santos

Video about the photobook BCN Photem. After Rauschenberg created by Nophoto collective.