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We are publishers specialised in travel photobooks. Our books work as cultural amenities in very special hotels that look to stand out and care for their guests.

Naples is a whole world


Caravanbook blog. We enjoy sharing content about travel, photography and books. Our photobooks work as original cultural amenities for boutique hotels, special B&B and other tourism business. We help our clients to stand out and care for their guests. 

Naples is a whole world


Nápoles es un mundo y tratar de fotografiar el mundo entero es una tarea abocada al fracaso. Así es que cargado de una cámara de otro tiempo y una película a punto de desaparecer me dispuse a fotografiar un pedacito de ese mundo mientras la exploraba con los ojos del viajero. Una ciudad dentro del mundo que es la ciudad. Una ciudad que no fue sepultada pero
que se te escurre entre los dedos. Que desaparece en cada esquina para volver a nacer de nuevo como ese misterio de mil colores y mil olores llamada Napule. Juan Santos.

Napolae, nuestro tributo a Nápoles.

Naples is a whole world, and if you try to photograph a whole world, you will be doomed to failure. With just one camera from another time and a film about to disappear, I took it upon myself to photograph a slice of that world while exploring it like a traveler. A city that was not buried but slips through your fingers. A city that disappears in every corner to rise again like the one thousand colors mystery called Napule. Juan Santos.

Napolae is our photobook tribute to Naples.