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We are publishers specialised in travel photobooks. Our books work as cultural amenities in very special hotels that look to stand out and care for their guests.

La più bella isola al mondo by The Unknown Books blog


Caravanbook blog. We enjoy sharing content about travel, photography and books. Our photobooks work as original cultural amenities for boutique hotels, special B&B and other tourism business. We help our clients to stand out and care for their guests. 

La più bella isola al mondo by The Unknown Books blog




Title :La piú bella isola al mondo

Author: Ana Zaragoza

Publisher: Caravan Book

Date of Publication : 2014

Place : Spain


Number of pages: 20

Copies: 100

Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm

Category: Photography


Today we see the book ‘La piú bella isola al mondo’, the first project of the “Caravan Book”, of the Spanish photographer Ana Zaragoza. 

But before that, for those who do not know, let’s talk a little about this new project, Caravan Book. This project created by artist Ana Zaragoza and the tourism expert Virginia Ortega, whose main objective is to publish travel photobooks. So all travelers can take good memories of the trip. 

“We think we have come up with a brilliant idea !

We thought that there is no better present to the traveller than a fragment of the visited place for them, to carry home. We also thought that there is nothing that distinguishes a hotel better than an original amenity, and that works also as a souvenir. With these two premises we rolled up our sleeves and we created Caravanbook.”

I also think you have a brilliant idea! 

Let’s talk now of this first book, I’ve never been to the island of Formentera, but I was very impressed! When I get chance I will spend holidays there, you know why? Because this book convinced me to go! I think that’s the best compliment I can offer! 

It is a small book (but who needs big books?!), very well designed, the layout is pretty good, as well as the photographs. 

I know they are working on two new projects, and I’m very curious to see them! 

Stay tuned to this new project, because they deserve!

‘La piú bella isola al mondo’ has arrived to the theunknownbooks’ Library! Thanks Fábio M. Roque for your nice words.